The restaurant industry is highly competitive with razor thin margins. It is a delicate balancing act between thriving and failing. With that in mind any successful restaurant has to know without a doubt what they are about as a dining establishment and work to create a symbiotic relationship with other business models. The Harvard Business Review suggests that “strategic collaboration” with similar organizations can drastically benefit both businesses. People today are looking for different experiences. With those experiences they want as much packaged and readily accessible as possible. Creating a partnership between restaurants and the performing arts can bring in much more business than one would imagine.

Creating An Experience

Local restaurants can greatly benefit in a few ways from an advertising partnership with their local performing arts venue. People love the notion of having a meal or even cocktails before or after a performance as part of the experience. And by thinking bigger than just an ad in the program book can always behoove the local restaurant. A willingness to create an experience for their diners is a necessary step toward a full night out, performing arts experience.

Performing Arts Digital Signage

In addition to the printed program book ad, digital signage or out-of-home advertising is more popular than ever with more businesses investing in this advertising technology. When digital signage is available in the venue, it becomes an excellent opportunity to re-enforce the program book ad that patrons are seeing in their seats.

Advertising upcoming special events at your restaurant or special pricing for performing arts patrons can go a long way to bringing more customers in your door. Packaging this with other promotional ideas is a way of blending traditional and modern collaborative marketing strategies. It also keeps the advertising fresh. With performing arts digital signage advertising, you’ll be able to suggest creative ways to tie the restaurant in as a perceived supporter of the most recent artistic events at the venue.

Performing Arts Geo-Fenced Advertising

Geo-fenced advertising is about showing ads to those who cross a digital fence of sorts – i.e. they are in a venue, or in a location that has been designated beforehand. As soon as they are in the venue, they will start seeing targeted advertising that is relevant to the area. Geo-targeted zone establishment can help you connect with the niche demographics performing arts attract on a more granular level, and really drive your brand’s engagement overall in a local setting.

Local restaurants utilizing this technology can target performing arts patrons and entice them to their establishment by creating well timed digital ads. For example, these ads can be timed so that after the performance you can offer “after the performance specials.”

The Sky Is The Limit With Performing Arts Advertising

There is no shortage of opportunities for restaurants and performing arts venues to work together collaboratively. When the two are physically close to one another it is an even stronger connection, but that shouldn’t stop the creative marketing juices from flowing if they aren’t close to one another.

When one organization becomes tied with the other it does wonders for expanding the pool of customers and/or patrons. But it takes a lot of creative thinking to be unique and develop a long-term partnership that will mutually benefit each establishment. Stepping-up advertising efforts to enter into the digital and social media age can bring in a lot of additional revenue simply through staying current with the times. Good selling!

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