Traditional and digital advertising tend to have one thing in common: both mediums struggle to find audiences. Brands are built on a narrative, but what is the best way to communicate that story…and who do you tell it to? Finding a meaningful, engaged, and most of all, a local audience has been a challenging aspect of the business that advertising is facing…and that we have had the answers to all along

To back up a bit, this all started from a recent article in AdAge I found, “Martin Sorrell Jousts With Ken Auletta Onstage at Cannes”. For those of you unfamiliar, Martin Sorrell is a bit of a giant in the advertising industry. He is the founder and now former CEO of WPP PLC, one of the world’s largest ad agencies. In his new role, he is currently looking for ad agencies to roll up into another conglomerate.

There was one bit in particular that caught my eye, a quote from Martin Sorrel when he was asked about his new company, S4 Capital. Sorrell made the point that clients “want agencies that are more local…they want agencies that can deal with the local clients and the millennial influencers.”

That sounds like a lofty ideal until you break it down and realize that what he is asking for (and by extension, what larger advertising is asking for) is something we have been providing all along! In essence, what Sorrell is saying, he sees a need for big advertisers to get more local.

But how is that even possible? Theoretically, shouldn’t all these new social media platforms make it easier to find that? Think of all the targeting options available!

Well, yes, sure…but how can you really trust their engagement? And how can you be sure that your message won’t be trapped in an everlasting newsfeed scroll, never quite getting the attention it needs or should receive. The harsh truth of it is, you cannot guarantee it. These social media platforms operate on complicated and everchanging algorithms that you are not privy to, and that means that it becomes more and more difficult to cut through the noise and build a connection with your audience.

The good news is, we have the answer to this challenge. In fact, we have had it all along

Performing Arts Advertising

It’s that simple, really! Performing arts advertising has been doing this for eons and has seen great results. This is a medium of advertising that caters to a niche, local audience that is hard to find elsewhere, but provide great returns if invested in early and correctly. Here are some previous posts we have done about audience breakdowns and demographics as well as the sheer impact this form of advertising has in terms of audience reach.

Advertising in local performing arts program books, venue digital signage, and then geo-fencing the venue can’t get your client any more local. Think of it as a trifecta of success, guaranteed to get you the engagement you want, without stretching your budget thin. In some previous posts, we have delved into detail as to why these methods are so effective (to read more, this postas well as this one, can shed more insight).

The biggest theme we have seen in the success of performing arts advertising is the hyper-local nature of the medium and the audience. It creates a potent combination that gets you exposure and engagement, which is hard to replicate with digital platforms. By using these methods, we ensure that we are in front of everyday Americans for every performance! Our company is built on the understanding that local marketing reigns supreme, and we provide the right tools and platforms to ensure that your message is a success, every time to get maximum return on investment, and for eons to come. Good selling!

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