No bones about it, performing arts digital signage is a big investment. That’s why it always bothers me when I see these big investments not being used to their fullest potential.

When used correctly, performing arts digital signage throughout a venue is a very strong marketing tool for both the venue itself, as well as major sponsors and advertisers alike.

But the key to a successful digital signage strategy is in the content.

Just like program books that are handed out to the audience that tells a story for the night’s performance, performing arts digital signage must be thought about in the same manner.

To get the most from your performing arts digital signage strategy, take these helpful tips to go from “eh” to “Wow!”

Always Fresh Content & Information

Rule #1—never let your content go stale. Once you break this rule, expect diminishing returns on your investment.

Digital signage is the “new shiny thing.” But you want to keep it shiny, otherwise, patrons will ignore it.

Relevant Content

Keep your content relevant to the current performance, as well as upcoming performances.

Think actor’s headshots and bios flashing through your digital signs, that night’s sponsors and advertisers, tidbits about the night’s performance and venue, etc.

But don’t forget to promote your upcoming performances and never commit the cardinal sin of displaying past performances on your digital signs (see Rule #1.)

Wow Factor Content with Calls to Action

Sure, static is nice, when done right (think digital billboards on the highway or digital signage throughout your local airport or train station) but don’t be afraid to add video as well into your playlist.

When you add a relevant video or two that helps to continue to tell your story, you will be sure to keep your audience’s attention.

And regardless of whether you have video or static in your playlist, make sure you have a clear call to action on the appropriate pieces of content, otherwise, you may never know if your investment is paying off.

Professionally Developed Communication Strategy

But before you can do any of the above, make sure you have a communication strategy in place before you start putting your playlist together, otherwise you will end up with a hodgepodge and patrons will notice. Don’t be that guy!

This doesn’t have to be rocket science and it can be as simple as whiteboarding it out, but at least have a clear understanding of what you want to communicate to your patrons.

So, by sticking to rule #1, always having relevant content, making sure you have the Wow factor, and always have a clear performing arts digital signage strategy you can rest assure you will not be that guy. Good selling!


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