Program book or playbill advertising is a little known, but powerful tactic to enhance your inbound marketing.

By rethinking your tactic for your playbill ad, the printed program book ad makes for a very nice off-line extension for the “Attract” portion of the inbound marketing methodology.

With all your inbound marketing efforts, you are trying to become the most trusted, authoritative business for a potential customer’s dollars.

By creating unique content online via blogs, podcasts, newsletters, white papers, etc. you are trying to push your way to the top of a search engine page to attract new customers.

And then, once a potential customer finds you, you hope to capture an email address. This starts to build your database to eventually convert these potential customers into paying customers.

By extending this to your printed program book or playbill ad, you are opening up a whole new channel to capture even more email addresses.

A number of advertisers aren’t leveraging the inbound marketing extension to their printed advertising. This leaves an opening for the intuitive marketer.

By leaving out unique content and a call to action in your printed ad, you are leaving a lot of potential email addresses on the table. And by knowing the majority of your competitors aren’t doing this, you have an instantaneous competitive advantage.

The competitive advantage becomes even more amplified when you place your printed ad into a niche publication. On the internet, you have a ton of competition, and you really need to pound out the content to rise to the top. But by strategically placing a printed ad with unique content and a call to action in niche publications, such as program book or playbill advertising, your chances of standing out become a lot less daunting.

It’s important to remember that this is just one tactic for your overall marketing strategy. But a good printed ad with unique content and a call to action that coincides with all of your online content will only enhance your inbound marketing machine. Good selling!

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