Have you ever wondered why advertising agencies don’t advertise? Me too.

In our performing arts program book blogs, we have a series called “Overcoming Program Book Advertising Sales Objections.” In this series, we give several different methods to try to overcome everything that a new program book advertiser prospect may throw at you just to get you off the phone, or tell you no. But if done correctly, these methods will eventually get you to convince the prospect to advertise in your performing arts program books.

But this is not an easy thing to do–convincing a business owner or marketing person that program book advertising does indeed work. Fortunately we do have great analytics from our Stageview product to show a potential advertiser, or an actual advertiser for that matter, that an ad in the program book does work.

We also have tons of testimonials from businesses that have advertised in the program books about how well it works for them.

So where am I going with this? We recently added another line to our business that targets B to C businesses. We thought what better way to get some action on this but to “drink our own cool aid!”

And as I see in several of the program books that we publish, as well as program books that we don’t publish, performing arts organizations will advertise their upcoming shows, or other things that they need to get the word out about in the program books too. So they are also “drinking the cool aid.”

Since the beginning of this year, we have been consistently running a performing arts program book ad campaign to advertise this new line of ours. And not surprisingly, we’re getting a lot of action from it. We’re driving new prospects to our website, and we’re getting calls and emails about it.

After seeing such great results from this campaign, I wondered about the performing arts organizations that are publishing their own program books in-house. Are they turning the results that they see from their own ads into a sales aid to help them sell more advertising? Because this is the best sales aid there is!

But the most important thing that this is doing for us as a performing arts program book publisher, is that it solidifies with our sales force that performing arts program book advertising does work. And with this conviction in their bellies, do you think they are going to take no for an answer?

Good selling!

A few of our satisfied clients.

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