Just like the story that unfolds onstage, every business has a story of its own. And there is no better way to tell your story to a coveted demographic than through performing arts advertising!

Patrons of the performing arts are a niche audience with distinctive tastes. One of the best ways to capture their attention and endear them to your brand is through storytelling in your program book and digital signage advertising. To be successful in performing arts advertising, there are several things to keep in mind. 

Be Honest

It’s vital that the story you tell patrons of the performing arts is an honest one. The message you convey should be grounded in the truth of your company’s brand, products or services, and industry. It should be real. That can include spotlighting a real experience someone goes through or focusing on an actual challenge people face, tying your brand to that authentic story.

If the story you tell through performing arts advertising isn’t honest and real, it could really damage your brand. The performing arts community is a tight knit group. Patrons have common ground in their support of the arts. So, they pay attention when one of their own voices their reaction to an experience with a business – good or bad. That feedback can either make or break your brand. Ensuring honesty is one of the best ways to develop a following with patrons of performing arts.

Show Your Personality

When you’re honest about your business, your brand’s personality shows through. That’s a good thing because these days, performing arts patrons aren’t looking for sales pitches. They’re seeking out organizations that understand their personalities and that can complement them.

That’s right, today’s marketing is more about relationship building. When you’re developing friendships, you look for people you can relate to. The same thing applies with potential customers. If they can relate to you (i.e. your business), they want to be your friend (or customer).

Create Characters Your Audience Champions

Every good story has a character the audience can root for. No one knows this better than patrons of performing arts. Your marketing to them should include this concept. You can carry it out in a variety of ways. One is by crafting buyer personas and telling stories from their viewpoint. Another is to tell stories from your employees’ perspectives. You can also create stories from an objective, third-person perspective. Regardless of which you choose, these characters should hook your audience to emotionally invest in them, anticipating their next step in their journey.

Add Some Humor

One way to help champion your characters is to make your message funny. Everyone loves to laugh. And infusing humor into your brand’s message is one way to make it memorable. After all, performing arts patrons love a good comedy. Tie in to that adoration by keeping the laughs coming with your marketing storytelling.

Develop a Hero’s Journey

In fiction, a character’s journey is referred to as a hero’s journey. It has a story arc with a beginning that establishes a story, middle that sets up the main character’s challenges, and an end that resolves those problems. Again, patrons of the performing arts are extremely comfortable with this concept. That’s why this type of storytelling in your marketing to them can be successful, bringing them back and sharing their appreciation with even more potential customers.

Leave Them Wanting More

The concept of leaving the audience wanting more is a staple in performing arts. The story your brand tells this niche audience should take advantage of that and follow suit. Each installment of your perpetual marketing should lead to the next. This will have your audience anticipating what more you have to offer. A good way to deliver this in your performing arts advertising is by building a story arc spread out in performing arts program books and digital signage throughout the season. Include your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page with even more content or specials to keep your story going.

With a little thought and creativity, storytelling through performing arts program books and digital signage can be the key to attracting and retaining this niche audience to your brand. Good selling!

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