Sometimes, you’ll read an article that just makes you go, “…wait, what?!” midway through. Although it does not happen often, one of the latest articles in the Wall Street Journal definitely made me do a double-take. The article, entitled “Big Advertisers Embrace Blockchain to Root Out Digital Spending Waste” is definitely a bit of a headscratcher.

The article makes you wonder what is happening to the advertising industry, and what has it really come to at this point? Big brands and advertising agencies seem to have one fervent wish: An advertising solution that is based on audience trust, audience reliability, exact targeting, complete transparency…and no middlemen whatsoever.

Here’s the kicker though: Performing arts advertising comprises of all these elements…and always has! What these advertisers have been searching for has been here all along, and it is because of these very reasons that performing arts advertising has continued to be successful.

“The objective here is not about savings, it’s more about transparency to make sure we are reaching consumers in the most relevant way,” said Lucas Herscovici, a global marketing vice president at Anheuser-Busch, one of the world’s biggest advertisers.

The themes that transparency and relevance are the main pain points of advertising are mitigated by performing arts audiences. Not only are these niche audiences that are difficult to find otherwise, but the means to reach them have always been transparent, and fundamentally easy for any brand or industry to reach.

Social media and digital has made reaching audiences complicated, which is sort of a paradox if you think about the fact that these are all algorithms designed to reach relevant audiences. However, with the saturation of users, and complexities of the platforms, advertisers continually struggle to get real returns on that investment. Coupled with the fact that brands are not privy to changes in these advertising methods, nor is there any sort of transparency, it becomes easy to see why digital marketing tends to invite so much frustration.

Luckily, performing arts advertising does not fall victim to any of these trends. Using a proven, successful trifecta of performing arts program books, digital signage, and geofencing, this is a type of advertising that blends the best of digital and traditional. Rather than rely on one or the other, performing arts advertising is designed to work for the advertiser – always!

In previous posts, we have highlighted just how niche and loyal the audiences are for performing arts, as it tends to invite a coveted yet hard to reach demographic. Using performing arts program books ensures a higher level of customer retention and brand remembrance (more on that can be found here and here).

Once digital signage is added to the mix, it ensures a higher level of exposure while still retaining control over messaging. It is an instant, easy way to make a connection with an audience that is open and willing to learn about your brand — which can be difficult to find on digital platforms. Digital signage can be a major boost for advertising, and more information about it can be found in our posts here and here.

Combine these two with geofencing, and you have a formidable combination. Geofencing allows you to target users within a certain radius, and show laser-focused advertising, to an audience segment that is relevant to your brand. Geofencing is a complementary force to the other two methods mentioned and provides a digital touch to ensure that your message is received across audiences. We have discussed the impacts of benefits of geofencing in our previous posts, which can be found here and here.

If you are looking for advertising that does not waste your time and allows for unparalleled reach and exposure to the right audience immediately, then performing arts advertising is the right solution for you. You can cut through the noise and reach loyal and willing audiences, with ultimate transparency and control over your messaging. Good selling!

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