It seems everyone has a favorite color and these choices are influenced by a number of different factors including gender, age, and other circumstances. There’s a whole psychology surrounding how colors influence us and elicit certain thoughts, behaviors, emotions, even changing our physical state of being. For example, the color red has been shown to enhance metabolism, increase heart rate and respiration often associated with danger, strength, power, passion, and love.

Choosing the right color palette for your all-important performing arts program books and digital signage is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In order to literally better connect with your audience, finding the correct color palette will help with better overall success in the long run. Consider some of the attributes of these colors to get the best for your purposes.

Top Billing For Blue

When it comes to a preferred hue overall, blue is the clear winner crossing the lines of gender and culture while those under the age of eighteen prefer purple. Darker shades of blue are associated with peace, loyalty, trust, and sincerity while lighter sky tones exhibit spirited feelings of awareness, control, and determination. It’s also considering a calming and compassionate color that may be a favorite due to its omnipresence in our sky and ocean.

Rave Reviews In Red

Stop signs and lights call attention for travelers all around the world to come to a stop and demand attention from audiences which is why we’ve seen it used in so many different brands from Coca Cola to Lego. A powerful, outgoing and passionate color, red is often associated with our hearts which is why it’s commonly connected to romance.

Raising The Curtain On Yellow

The color of sunshine and many flowers, this youthful shade is tied to happiness, warmth, energy, and joy. Seen on the iconic smiley face for generations, it has graduated from being a lapel pin to an emoticon seen everywhere on the world-wide-web. In its truest, brightest form, yellow is another attention-grabbing color seen painted on taxicabs almost everywhere.

Giving Green The Limelight

Just as red asks us to stop, conversely the color green is telling us to go and this equates to a connection with growth, restoration and more recently recycling or protecting the planet. This grassy earth tone is commonly tied to envy or jealousy but more often seeing green as printed on money, brings on an attitude of wealth, power and prosperity. Another calming color, the combination of blue and yellow brings a sense of peace, tranquility, and stability.

Plugging Into Pink And Purple

The colors of pink and purple are often associated with the feminine mystique as a favored shade among young women and girls. Combining the power of red with the loyalty of blue, purple is a regal color associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, and ambition. With such strong ties to femininity, pink is commonly seen as being nurturing, caring and sensitive.

Basic Black And Bright White Lights

Black and white utilized together will bring on a sense of nostalgia, normality, standardization, and stability. Black by itself is sometimes perceived as being dark and foreboding, but it’s also seen as a sign of elegance with an association of being formal, well-dressed and successful. Similar to being seen in the spotlight, white is another real attention-getter that’s commonly tied to innocence, cleanliness, faith, and purity.

Backstage With Brown And Cautiously Orange

Appearing the lowest on our list, brown and orange are the least favorite colors with the population as a whole. Similar to red and green being traffic-related, orange is most often associated with caution utilized on construction sites and painted on signs of impending danger. Since dirt and mud are typically brown, this color is sometimes seen as being dingy or even boring under certain circumstances. Still, these shades serve a positive purpose as orange brings together the happiness of yellow with the power of red bringing feelings of joy, sunshine, and a tropical sensation. Brown blends well with many other colors denoting a sense of being wholesome, natural, down-to-earth and well-grounded.

Curtain Call

Carefully consider the spirit, emotions, and feelings you’re seeking in connection with the colors you’ll be using in your performing arts program books and digital signage. And remember, when combining different shades and hues together be sure to consult with a color wheel to see which will blend well together, compliment each other or clash completely depending upon the reaction you’re reaching for and looking to accomplish. Good selling!

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