Today’s marketing avenues are changing. When you want to draw more business into your restaurant, you have to get creative with your marketing approach. If you’re advertising where everyone else is, such as Facebook or other social media platforms, your message is getting lost.

It pays to think outside of the box, which is all the more reason to know who your target audience is. Consider your location and the type of demographic that you’re trying to appeal to. You want people who have extra money to spend, not the people who are pinching pennies and can’t afford to eat out.

Market to Patrons of the Performing Arts

Those who have money to spend on the performing arts have the money to eat out. They recognize the importance of eating out and the entire atmosphere that goes with it. As such, considering changing some of your marketing campaigns to make sure that you’re marketing to this audience is always a win-win.

Granted, you could get creative with the way that your Facebook ads find people. However, you’re missing out on the people who aren’t on social media. Some people don’t have the time to check their statuses and read through the seemingly endless number of posts in their timeline.

A better strategy is to bring your restaurant advertisements directly to the source. Get your ads in front of people who matter.

Your restaurant ad can be printed in the program books that are distributed to everyone at the beginning of a performance. As they browse through it to find out who the performers are, they’ll also see various business advertisements. Because you’re perceived as supporting one of their favorite things, they’ll be more inclined to support you, too.

You can also explore venue digital signage. This allows you to have a visual way of showing off all of the excellent food and service that you’re known for. By placing photos and videos that can be displayed in the theatres and the other performing arts venues, your restaurant will stand out. While patrons are milling in to see the performance, they’ll see your ad on these digital signs. Make their mouth’s water and when the performance ends, they may be hungry enough to make a bee-line right to your restaurant.

In addition to both the printed program books and venue digital signage, riding along with the direct mail of specific performing arts venues is another way to get in front of this demographic. Make an enticing enough offer on this direct mail piece and your restaurant will have just as much of a packed house as the theatre they are coming from.

Get Creative

The reality is that you have to be more creative about marketing than the restaurants you’re in competition with. If you duplicate the efforts that everyone else is doing, you’re going to have minimal results, and your restaurant will be lost in the clutter. You need to be creative with where you put your advertising – and performing arts advertising can be an excellent place for you to do this.

Your marketing campaign should never rely on one form of marketing. Not everyone will be on social media. Not everyone will read the performing arts program books. Not everyone will remember what they see on a digital screen. However, when you have your marketing messages located prominently in many places, people will start to establish brand recognition. They’ll remember seeing you in a few different places – and that’s when you know that your marketing efforts are working.

Word of mouth marketing simply isn’t effective any longer. Many people forget what they heard before they have a chance to tell someone. It’s not that people are becoming more forgetful, though. It’s because people are becoming victims of information overload.

When you want your restaurant to stand out from the clutter and advertise in a new and exciting way, contact us at Onstage Publications. We’re here to show you that the patrons of the performing arts have money to spend – and if you advertise correctly, they can be spending it at your restaurant.

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There’s something really amazing happening in Boston and it doesn’t have anything to do with a ball of any kind. The arts sector is seeing a substantial and very noticeable boom in the Boston area! According to Cintia Lopez who writes for NPR affiliate WBUR – Boston, cultural and artistic events in Boston are serving about 21 million people each year. To put this into perspective she goes on to say that this is four times more than the combined attendance of the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots sports teams! You wouldn’t necessarily know it to look at the advertisers found in each of those stadiums and arenas.

There is no doubt that the artistic community in Boston and all over the United States is seeing something of a boom. This boom doesn’t just mean more money for venues and performing arts organizations, but rather a substantial contribution to the local economy for a number of businesses. Retail, food service and parking are some of the industries that stand to gain from annual performing arts patrons. Rather than being a quiet minority for advertising budgets, the data now suggests that the arts community simply can’t be ignored. There’s potential there in a number of different ways.

Targeting This Audience

With billions of dollars spent by arts patrons, your business can get your share of the pie. To do this it will be necessary to put advertising dollars in the right place. Performing arts patrons appreciate that advertising is never in their faces. For this reason, you won’t see huge banners and signs posted all over the walls of the venue. There is no product placement on stage with the performers. So where are the opportunities for advertising?

Printed Performing Arts Program Books

Performing arts venues use program books for their performances. Patrons read these program books and pay attention to those that advertise, appreciating their support of the arts. Instead of mass advertising where you hope your name and message doesn’t get lost, targeting this powerful niche audience of the performing arts world will pay off substantially.

Digital Signage 

Arts venues are integrating digital signage into their common areas more and more. And with more people coming through the doors, waiting before performances and socializing in common areas, these digital signs have great potential. Advertising at venues utilizing digital signage will put your message in front of the right audience.

Cross Promotional Strategy

When you advertise in printed program books or on venue digital signage there is a golden opportunity to offer something directly to the arts patron. Potential discounts for showing their program book ad or advertising specials for after performances are all ways to give the patrons of the arts something extra. There is some mutual benefit to partnering with arts venues and patrons appreciate those efforts.

What Does This Say About the Performing Arts?

Lopez on WBUR writes that there has been a 40% increase in arts venue attendance since 2014. The growth in this sector is not just to major organizations. Many new and smaller arts venues and organizations have sprouted over the last several years in making it a new artistic melting pot. There are lots of golden opportunities to work with smaller organizations to help promote your business.

Some businesses may choose to pivot their whole marketing strategy around this audience, while others will simply want to include it as part of their bigger marketing picture. But it would be shortsighted to only target sporting event attendees when there is a far bigger audience that is frequenting artistic venues. Take advantage of this artistic wave by seeking out ways to incorporate your marketing into the arts audience through printed program books and digital signage advertising. Good selling!

It’s no secret that if you want your business to be successful, you need to identify your audience. Armed with this, many small businesses feverishly conduct numerous hours of research trying to identify their target audience. But unfortunately, many times, this effort goes unanswered as to “who” this audience is.

Why Your Business Is Not Reaching Their Target Audience & How To Hit The Mark 

Are you left wondering why your business is not hitting the mark? According to Forbes online, the influx of marketing platforms has “created confusion” and more options doesn’t always mean better. This has made it utterly frustrating to find your target audience. Equally frustrating for business owners is knowing who to market to, but not knowing where to find this target audience. And often, businesses misidentify their target audience which leads to wasted time and money.

This leaves many business owners thinking they can only play the hand they’re dealt. But with performing arts advertising, this does not have to be the case. In fact. With performing arts advertising, many businesses find they are playing their best hand. Advertising your business in printed performing arts program books and digital signage gives you a powerful tool that feels like you’ve been dealt a winning hand every time.

About Performing Arts Advertising 

  • By a 57% comparison to other advertising tools, performing arts advertising has been able to reach difficult audiences
  • Over 60% of the consumers that purchase performing arts tickets are women
  • 70% of the women that purchase performing arts tickets are more likely to make a purchase from supporting businesses and brands
  • Nearly 85% of the patrons are 35 years of age or older (which is 68% of the U.S. population)
  • 38% of performing arts patrons hold a doctoral degree (compared to 9.9% of the entire U.S. population)

The truth is, it’s hard to try to find this type of audience let alone finding them all in one place that remains engaged throughout a performance.

What Performing Arts Advertising Can Do For Your Business 

Performing arts program book and digital signage advertising can be an easy and cost-effective way to reach your audience. Unlike other advertising strategies, performing arts advertising allows your business to reach a hard to reach audience.

Performing arts advertising offers the diversity of age, income, and education which is hard to find in today’s marketing clutter.

Remember, your business advertising resources are an investment. Digital advertising can have your business lost in the crowd but performing arts advertising can help you maintain a visible presence that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Your business can conveniently reach audiences that aren’t as attentive to digital marketing. More importantly, performing arts advertising is dedicated to a clear and loyal niche demographic so you can rest assured, your message will be in front of the right audience at the right time.

You don’t have to feel like the odds are stacked against you, let performing arts advertising be your winning hand every time. Good selling!

Does your business struggle with advertising and marketing to the right audience? You’re not alone. In fact, regardless of the size of your business if you offer niche products or services, experts suggest marketing can be a challenge. The hardest challenge for your business will be finding the right audience. On top of this, your business is barraged with lots of advertising and marketing “solutions” that are thrown at you every minute of the day it seems like.

The theory is, if your business promotes your products and services to a wide enough audience, someone will be bound to buy from you, right? Your rationale may seem plausible at the beginning, after all, your business is trying to build up a specific audience that appeals to your brand. When in fact, this method only appears to be a good idea in the beginning.

Consequently, it’s like your business is trying to hit a bullseye with broad advertising strategies. You’re throwing darts and hoping to reach your target. But by utilizing this approach, you will spend a lot of time and money and still be left wondering if you’re hitting the right target? Bottom line, broad advertising focuses on quantity, but successful advertising focuses on quality. So, your focus should be on the quality of customers you bring in, not the quantity.

You’ll find this approach very difficult to achieve by using broad advertising channels. By narrowing your focus on these quality customers, you’ll find that you can exceed your marketing goals. Best of all, you’ll save time and money when you’re focused on advertising to the right audience.

The Benefits of Performing Arts Advertising 

With performing arts advertising, you have the luxury of an otherwise hard to reach demographic right at your fingertips. Performing arts advertising focuses on unique demographics that are centered around the likelihood of reaching your target audience and bringing in the right kind of customers—customers that actually want to buy from you.

From a statistical perspective, consider the fact that most performing arts patrons are settled into their adult lives with nearly 80% of them 35 years of age or older. What does this mean for your business? These demographics mean they have the time and money to purchase products and become loyal to the brand they’re most interested in.

Moreover, 30% of performing arts patrons hold a degree in comparison to only 10% of the general United States population. Furthermore, nearly 66% of those that buy tickets for live theatrical performances are women. For the most part, this is an incredibly hard demographic to reach, let alone engage with on a meaningful level. But with performing arts advertising, this demographic is easily reachable.

Another advertising goal is getting and keeping the attention of your potential customers. But with the onslaught of digital advertising and the ability to constantly scroll, how do you capture this attention? The best way to combat this issue is by combining traditional forms of advertising with your current digital advertising strategy. We all can agree, that digital marketing has its place in the world, but classic advertising, such as advertising in performing arts printed program books is classic for a reason. Performing arts advertising allows your business to attract a wealth of customers that are willing to engage with your brand which solidifies the success of your business’ ROI.

The Real Bottom Line 

Performing arts advertising can help your business meet its strategic advertising goals. According to recent online statistics, 67% of the population still prefers reading print material over digital marketing. Performing arts program book advertising allows you to get in touch with the emotional need for your customers to be up close and personal with your brand. Turning the pages of an actual performing arts program book will always capture the attention of your audience versus the constant scrolling that’s used with digital marketing. Accompany this with performing arts in-venue digital signage advertising, and you have a one-two punch that’s hard to beat.

Performing arts advertising allows your business to captivate an audience that will be interested in what your brand has to offer. Businesses will find these types of customers every time they choose to advertise with performing arts advertising. Now, you’re on your way to a successful advertising strategy. Good selling!

When it comes to making your marketing count, MasterCard’s chief marketer has a suggestion for cutting through the red tape and connecting with customers who will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. The recommendation, which can be found in this month’s Adage: remember the 3 P’s. Passion, people, and profit matter when it comes to marketing–and at Onstage Publications, we can connect you with a demographic that fulfills these three key goals.

Passion: Connecting Through the Performing Arts

“To be successful,” notes the article, “brands need to tap into the experiences and things that consumers care about the most.” It’s no longer just about creating basic ads that let viewers know you have a product. You must go deeper than that, connecting with the things that they genuinely care about.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with passionate advocates, performing arts patrons are one of the most effective audiences out there. They genuinely care about the arts in general and, often, a specific art in particular. Music, dance, theater: performing arts patrons are deeply committed, and they’re willing to go the extra mile for the companies that support the things they care about most. When you allocate a portion of your advertising budget to performing arts advertising, you’ll find an instant connection with passionate people who genuinely care about the arts!

People: Reach a New Audience

When you choose performing arts advertising, you’re able to connect with a group of people who might be more difficult to find through traditional advertising channels. Patrons of the arts spend more time experiencing their local cultural arts scene than they do on the internet or watching television. As a result, when you connect with performing arts patrons through program book advertising and digital signage, you access a group of people who might not receive advertisements in more traditional ways. Not only that, in many cases, your competitors haven’t already gotten to this particular group of potential customers. Try something unique and discover how you can make your business stand out to a specific group of people.

Profit: Disposable Income Matters

In many industries, you need customers with disposable income to focus on and share in your business. With performing arts advertising you find patrons with disposable income. Tickets to high-level performing arts events often come at a premium, and people who attend those events on a regular basis often have plenty of money to spend.

Not only that, patrons who regularly attend performing arts events tend to care deeply about their arts–and they are more likely to take that disposable income and support the companies that, in turn, support the things they are passionate about. People who love dance will come out to visit businesses that support their local ballet company. People who love theater will visit the businesses who support the theater, and so on. Even better, they’ll tell their friends–and that increases the odds that you’ll build your business.

Are you ready to start connecting with a new audience? Do you want to gear your advertising toward passionate individuals who have the potential to become equally passionate about your business? Do you want to connect with an audience who has plenty of disposable income to spend at your business? If so, performing arts advertising could be the perfect solution for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help spread the word about your business with performing arts advertising. Good selling!

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