Donors of the arts always love to see their donations recognized, but until recently, there was no easy way to do this with the proper style. Mentions in program books only go so far, and plaques are too permanent to make frequent changes. Fortunately, all of this has changed with the advent of performing arts digital signage.

With performing arts digital signage, it’s easy to display the names and messages of your largest or most recent significant donors for a customized welcome or simple recognition. These digital signs can be customized even further, so you can show the logos and/or advertisings of your corporate sponsors in a tasteful way.

Digital Signage Improves Your Own Branding Too

Performing arts digital signs are sleek and impressive. They don’t get stale like paper posters, and the very fact that they are digital makes your venue look more modern. This gives your patrons good feelings even if they haven’t donated enough to be featured on these digital signs. Everyone likes to think of the venue they’re in as being up-to-date, and by extension, both relevant and well-maintained. This is true even for venues in historic buildings.

Make Use of Intermission Time

Patrons can see your performing arts digital signage when they enter and leave your venue, but the one time they’ll get to truly stand around and look at them is at intermission. Use that 15 or 20 minutes to display more in-depth messaging, like which shows or artists are coming next, your history, and similar information. This will give your patrons some chit-chat material and help spread the word about your organization.

Reduce Your Labor Load and Operating Costs

Dealing with printed paper posters actually requires a significant investment in terms of time as well as money. Each new poster needs to be designed, then printed by a commercial printer, and then shipped to your door. Once the posters arrive, someone will have to go around and switch these out. If the ball is dropped anywhere along the way, you’re stuck with out-of-date posters, which is hardly impressive for your patrons. On top of that, a performing arts venue typically uses only a few posters – rather than the thousands needed to get volume discounts from printers – so your cost of these printed posters will not be the cheapest.

With performing arts digital signage, a majority of these tasks and expenses are eliminated. The design still needs to be done, but publishing your playlist is as easy as pushing a single button in the office. Everything instantly goes live and that’s that. Since so many production steps are cut out, you can even make changes on the fly. Consider posting different messages at the beginning of the performance, during the intermission, and at the end. Just program the play list to publish at the appropriate times to switch between messages and displays.

Even if you have an all-volunteer staff, your organization will see financial rewards thanks to the elimination of printing fees and related expenses. You’ll also be able to have your volunteers do other work besides switching out paper posters, and this will increase operational efficiency. These benefits, combined with the improved goodwill of your patrons can improve your bottom line in unexpected ways. Good selling!

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