What marketing industry is expected to grow by 12.8% by 2023 to reach a total value of $8 billion across the industry? Is it Facebook ads? Wait! No! It’s Instagram Stories right!?

What if we told you that it was digital signage?

Sure, digital marketing blogs make ad platforms like Facebook and Instagram out to be the be-all-end-all, but, when it comes to reaching your ideal customer, what’s better than getting affluent, hyperlocal individuals that you can geotarget and build a nurturing relationship with?

Just like fashion, trends come and go, but the end result of any marketing campaign should be to target a rich audience of diverse individuals that have the income to purchase your product or services and are situated in the area that your product or services are available.

Here’s why digital signage is the new-old-kid on the block, and why advertising with digital signage in the performing arts niche can help you reach a critical audience.

Out With the Old — In With the New

When you think of performing arts signage, you’re probably thinking of something like this. A relic.

Sure, it has a “cool” factor that we just don’t have anymore, but that kind of advertisement poster isn’t going to cut it nowadays.

Luckily, performing arts digital signage takes advantage of new technologies (giving your advertisement rich colors, a more progressive medium, and the ability to take advantage of digital advertising techniques) while still situating itself as something that people are going to notice and consume. In fact, digital media shown in public venues (digital signage) reaches more customers than videos on Facebook!

Now, we aren’t recommending that you pump your entire marketing budget into performing arts digital signage — you still need to diversify your portfolio. But, performing arts digital signage can significantly increase your presence with a highly valuable crowd.

So, how valuable is performing arts digital signage for marketers? Let’s see.

The Value of Performing Arts Digital Signage

First, let’s take a look at some digital signage statistics.

  1. 71% of people feel that digital signage stands out more than online ads. (Source: Lamar)
  2. 88% of brands that use digital signage saw an increase of 33% on sales due to digital signage (Source: Neilson)
  3. 55% of people that view digital signage are able to recall the specific messages on the signs! (Source: OAAA)
  4. Digital signage may be the single most cost-effective advertising medium — in terms of cost per thousand impressions (Source: Academy of Business Research Journal Volume 1)

Now let’s take a look at some performing arts statistics.

  1. 83%of performing arts patrons find loyalty and devotion to be their primary values.
  2. 68% of performing arts patrons are either professionals/management.
  3. Click here to see statistics regarding performing arts patrons (You’ll be surprised!)

So, digital signage, in general, is an advertising medium that’s cheap, memorable, and drives sales through your funnel. At the same time, performing arts patrons are affluent, hyperlocal, and loyal. If you combine digital signage with performing arts patrons, you’ll find yourself with a rich marketing medium that’s in front of an audience that’s saturated with affluent loyal prospects. That’s the power of performing arts digital signage.

And this is why you need to add performing arts digital signage to your advertising mix! It’s a fantastic way to target a hyperlocal audience and reach them on a granular level. To learn more about advertising in the performing arts, contact us.

Remember, performing arts digital signage isn’t the only advertising medium that works well in front of this affluent demographic. Did you know that advertising in performing arts program books have an average of 2.4 reads per copy? Check out this post to learn a little more about advertising in performing arts program books.

By combining your performing arts digital signage advertising, along with a companion performing arts program book ad, your business will be the talk of the venue. Good selling!

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