Given all of our modern technology, many of today’s digital marketers are falsely leading consumers to believe print media is dead. While smartphones may have replaced the use of old-school publications like the yellow pages, according to recent statistics, media in its printed form is still alive, thriving and doing exceptionally well. This is especially true when you consider:

-80% of traditional paper mail is opened, while the same amount of digital emails are deleted without ever being opened

-Over 55% of consumers find print media to be a more trustworthy form of marketing

-Researchers have revealed readers comprehend information better overall when it’s printed on paper rather than viewed digitally

When it comes to published paper periodicals, while some magazines have experienced a drop in individual copy sales, New York magazine increased its single-copy sales by 44% in 2015 and subscription rates for all products inside this industry remain strong.

Consumer Concerns With Digital Delivery

It’s commonplace for consumers to purchase tickets in advance of a performance or play, and obtaining a printed program book following the entrance to these events. However, avenues for obtaining these items have been migrating to more popular online methods and many consumers have qualms when it comes to having them delivered electronically rather than receiving them in their hands.

-Whether it’s a downloadable program book, tickets delivered on an app compared to an associative paper item coming from the event itself, consumers are complaining:

-They’re hesitant or unwilling to give out their personal information on the internet

-What happens if there’s some kind of techno-glitch and the whole thing turns into an enormous hassle?

-It’s more difficult after purchase to distribute them to friends, family members or colleagues

-Vendors are denying purchasers from an opportunity of reselling the item either prior to the event or in the future as a keepsake

-They won’t have anything to keep as a treasured souvenir from a memorable experience

A Powerful Psychological Connection

Speaking of a valued souvenir, a recent editorial article from The New York Times reported holding on to this type of nostalgia including printed program books, tickets and other tokens of our experiences may be on the decline. However, possession of these printed keepsakes is far more powerful and healthier from a psychological standpoint than a blip in the distance on our digital radar.

Think of it this way, how many digital footprints in the form of beloved photographs and other time-honored mementos have you saved electronically that were lost in a computer crash or disappeared during the death of a device? While some users may have had the forethought of saving them to the cloud, holding onto these printed treasured pieces of our past doesn’t compare to viewing them on a screen.

Memories Lost In Digital Translation

Also from inside the NY Times piece, researchers acknowledge two primary forms of accessing memories, a random recollection of the event itself or something more tangible that takes us back to that exact moment in time. Of the two, the latter is simply a more reliable, efficient process for our brains to recognize given both the short and long term synopses occurring in our minds.

Granted there are other forms of brain activity taking place when making these psychological connections associated with our other senses like when the smell of a certain scent coming from the kitchen reminds of us a family affair. These powerful triggers will transport us to a precise time, place or moment in our lives when we relive the emotions we felt including what we heard, saw and experienced when we’re actually touching these memories.

Contrary To What One Might Think

In conclusion, while swiping left-or-right may become the new norm on our omnipresent handheld devices, turning the pages of a printed performing arts program book, or holding and viewing those old photos and other paper-based media will remain a family-favorite and a treasured part of our posterity. Good selling!

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