As the publishing industry advances more quickly than one can say program book, some technology is like an old, comfy pair of shoes that you just can’t get rid of. As Onstage Publications begins to roll out Stageview version 2.0, I can’t help but reflect on how our very own program book technology has advanced so rapidly. In a prior blog (Predicting The Future Of Program Books) I had discussed how our digital program book evolved from a simple page turn into a full blown performing arts program book app for all of our performing arts clients.

This being said, I am asked all the time by current, as well as potential clients why we put such a huge effort into keeping all of our printed program books in an easy to search, well designed page turn library while also maintaining our newest technology, Stageview. Aren’t page turns kind of old technology? They ask. Isn’t it a lot more work to keep up both page turns and a mobile app of the program book? They ask. The simple answer is no. Here’s why—page turns are great for selling program book advertising!

We have truly become a “give it to me now” society. When selling advertising, program book sales reps cannot rely on the US Postal Service to send out a copy of the program book to a prospective advertiser and then sit and wait. They have to strike while the fire is hot. If a potential advertiser asks to see the program book, this is clearly a buying signal and you want to be able to show them the program book immediately. There is no better way to do this than having your program book in a page turn format. This allows you to flip through the pages with the advertiser prospect on the other end of the telephone to let them see all the other advertisers in the program book. This lets them come to their own conclusion that “program book advertising must work, otherwise there wouldn’t be all these ads.”

Furthermore, the link to the program book page turn that our sales reps take a prospective advertiser to is the link that resides on the performing arts client’s website.  In doing this, we are bringing more traffic to our client’s website. Also, this link allows our client organization to maintain an archive of all their past program books for all to see.

This program book page turn link has evolved into our client’s marketing department including it in all of their email marketing as well as ticket confirmation emails. Our performing arts client’s in essence are giving ticket buyers a “sneak peek” at the program book that they would receive in print the day of the performance. So it now becomes this whole new marketing tool for the performing arts organization!

This is why we think program book page turns are not old technology but still a pertinent piece of the marketing package for performing arts venues. And when you tie it altogether—the printed program book, the digital page turn of the printed program book, along with a beautiful program book app, you give the patron a true live, printed, and digital experience of your performance. Good selling!

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