Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and now Snapchat! And the list keeps growing.

Don’t even get me started about the new marketing opportunities that 5G is to bring.

How is the printed performing arts program book to keep up? Especially if you’re trying to attract national advertisers?

No one, not even the best salesperson in the world, is going to convince a national advertiser to drop all their other advertising and advertise only in your little-printed performing arts program book.

That’s why the smart program book advertising sales rep sells the printed program book as an integral part to their overall marketing strategy. Not as a standalone product.

If your performing arts organization can also offer mobile program book advertising, as well as digital signage in addition to the printed program book, you now have a very compelling performing arts marketing package to offer.

Not to mention a great story to tell a national prospect.

Printed Performing Arts Program Books

Does your national advertiser prospect want to have the undivided attention of your patrons?

Does your national advertiser prospect want to be in front of high-net-worth individuals with discretionary income?

Does your national advertiser prospect want to be in front of the movers and shakers of your community?

Does your national advertiser prospect want to be in front of a demographic with a higher concentration of post graduate degrees?

Well, good news. Because with the printed program book, they can be.

And if you’re offering a performing arts marketing package, they can get all of this and more!

Mobile Performing Arts Program Books

When a mobile version accompanies your printed program book, you now have mobile advertising opportunities to offer your national advertiser prospect.

Mobile advertising was forecasted to exceed $45 billion by the end of 2016 (see related article.)

Performing Arts Digital Signage

Does your national advertiser prospect have billboard advertising in their marketing mix?

If your performing arts venue offers digital signage advertising opportunities, guess what? You can offer your prospect “billboard” advertising too.

Digital out of home signage inventory is one of the fastest growing markets with spending projected to reach over $23 billion by 2023 (see related article.)

Offer Your National Advertiser Prospects a Performing Arts Marketing Package

By packaging your performing arts advertising opportunities into print, mobile, and digital signage packages, your program books will be much more appealing to a national advertiser because you will be able to show a larger exposure to your patrons.

So, is the printed program book dead to the national advertiser? To this, I say absolutely not!

The key to all of this, however, is to have a compelling performing arts marketing package to offer. Good selling.

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