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The dirty little secret of modern advertising is that there is way too much of it. Consumers are barraged with ads, everywhere, all the time. What Onstage offers is a chance to connect with successful, wealthier, better-educated audiences while they are engaged in something vital to them–the performing arts. Onstage’s advertising channels reach people who are receptive to your brand, without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s not just printing anymore

While we started with performing arts program books, we’ve expanded to digital signage in performing arts venues. And our ArtsPac direct mail adds one extra touch to reach the discriminating arts patron.


We’re working with a continually growing client base of performing arts organizations, arts venues and now, direct mail to arts patrons in the top 50 markets. For information on our reach and frequency, please send a request for a media kit. mediakit@onstagepublications.com

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