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Advertisers - patrons of the performing arts are loyal, appreciative, and discerning, which is why so many brands covet the chance to build a relationship with them. Great advertising placed in a performing arts program book can differentiate your brand from your competition and set the stage for building a lasting relationship with a powerful group of consumers.
61% of patrons are more likely to purchase from companies that are friends of the arts.
50% of patrons feel good about doing business with performing arts advertisers and 39% remember their logo.
69% of patrons think highly of companies that are friends of the arts.
96% of patrons take the program book home and feel it's an important part of their experience.
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With Onstage, marketing to performing arts patrons has never been easier. Our team of marketing specialists will handle everything from crafting your message, to proofing and placement of your advertising. Because we provide both printed and digital program books, you’re marketing message is delivered right into the hands of the audience. Best of all, the only thing you need to do is prepare for the phone to ring. Connect with your community and put your brand in the spotlight with performing arts advertising from Onstage.
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