In today’s day and age of advertising, it seems you don’t hear much, if anything, about print advertising anymore.

It’s all digital, ALL–THE–TIME!

For the life of me, I can’t seem to figure this out. Print advertising, if done right, will only complement all the digital advertising that you may be doing.

And “done right” meaning advertising in the correct publications.

For example, if you’re a high-end jewelry store, you obviously wouldn’t advertise in a magazine that targets low-income households.

This is obvious. But the not so obvious will sometimes take a bit more work.

Just like trying to figure out the correct digital channels to advertise on, finding the right print publication will take just as much effort.

The good news is that with print advertising in today’s world, gone are the days of wondering if your print advertising is working.

By having a solid call-to-action through a monitored telephone number, or landing page in your print advertising, tracking your print ads can be just as easy as tracking your digital advertising.

Niche Publications

Once you have a solid call-to-action for your print advertising, finding the right publication is the next step.

It seems that the more interesting publications these days are niche publications, which makes your job much easier to figure out where to place your print ad.

To help you find these, Google “local niche publications” and publications such as city magazines, performing arts program books, regional magazines, etc. will show up in your search.

Niche publications distribute to a much more targeted audience than the larger, national mastheads.

Not only will niche publications give you a much more targeted audience, but typically the rate cards will be less than the big national publications, which enables an advertiser to dominate the market in that niche publication.

Going back to the high-end jewelry store example, typically they are going to have a set advertising budget.

By advertising in the national publication, their budget will get eaten up pretty quickly, but by choosing the right niche publication, they will find they can run a larger ad for a longer time, enabling them to be perceived as the dominant jewelry store in that publication.

Still Getting a Digital Presence

The beauty with niche publications is that they will typically have a strong digital presence as well.

So, your niche magazine print ad will typically be accompanied by a digital ad, which means that your ad is getting seen by both the offline as well as online audience.

Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH)

When an advertiser thinks about digital out of home advertising (i.e. digital billboards, digital signage, etc.) they typically immediately start to think “expensive advertising.”

However, just like niche publications, digital out of home advertising is becoming more niche in and of itself, which means to the advertiser a much more targeted audience as well as lower rates for this new and exciting advertising medium.

Think stadium digital signage, performing arts digital signage, airport terminal digital signage, etc. and you get the picture–literally! And it’s all trackable as well.

So, by adding some niche advertising channels into your overall mix of things you will start to find your advertising dropping its thrusters and propelling its way into orbit. Good selling!

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