About Onstage

Onstage began with the simple idea of freeing performing arts organizations from the hassles of publishing their own program books and selling the advertising to support these publications. We saw an opportunity to bring economies of scale to the publication process. Our team of program book coordinators, production artists, and a professional sales team can publish program books cheaper and more efficiently than any performing arts organization across the country can.

And, the best part of it is our formula took this costly process and turned it into a revenue generator for our clients. We actually pay our clients to let us do the work for them!

We’ve refined our processes over the years and built a custom web portal to help coordinate all aspects of your program book production. And we’ve learned a thing or two about engaging your audiences. By adding digital resources like online program books, free digital signage in your performance space and some unique new audience interaction features, we’ve helped our clients grow their audiences and revenue by leaps and bounds!

Our integrated suite of engagement tools that pay you.

Free Program Books

Including ad sales, production, and printing.

Free Digital Signage

We produce and manage your content and then sell the advertising.

Free Stageview

Our online program books, to extend the reach for advertisers and your arts organization.

Free Audience Access

The ultimate flexible festival mobile tool.

Free Artspac

Direct mail in select markets to reach elite arts patrons.


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