Cracking the code for audience engagement is like trying to figure out the combination to your bank’s vault. The bottom-line; it’s tough to crack.

Google the term “performing arts audience engagement” and many, many, many results appear for this search.

One search result even asks “what exactly is audience engagement?”

You may also notice in this search many, many, many performing arts industry conference sessions on this very subject.

The only thing that seems to be consistent for this search is that all the search results are all different perspectives, thoughts, and definitions about what exactly performing arts audience engagement is.

But the one thing that absolutely does not appear, kind of took me by surprise.

It would seem to me that the most important performing arts audience engagement tool that has been around for over 100 years, and every performing arts venue currently uses them isn’t anywhere to be mentioned in the search results!

What is it? You ask. It’s the printed program book!

That’s right, the thing that is usually taken for granted by both the patrons as well as management.

Printed Program Books

Sometimes it seems, the only constant in this industry is the printed program book itself.

When you go to a performance you expect to be handed a program book. And it has been this way forever!

But not all performing arts organizations realize the potential of the printed program book to start building audience engagement.

Utilizing the printed program book differently, or dare I say, correctly, is where the start of the conversation really begins.

Imagine piquing the interest of someone brand new to your venue. And now they want to learn more? In sales speak, this is called a “buying signal.”

But how do you take this off-line conversation, online so that the real engagement can begin?

Mobile Program Books

By having a strong mobile program book presence that works along with the printed program book, audience engagement can now truly be exactly this—engagement with your patrons.

By having the right tools in your mobile program book, performing arts audience engagement can go to whole new level.

And now imagine keeping this conversation or engagement going throughout your venue, not just when your patrons are in their seats.

Digital Signage

Throw into the mix performing arts digital signage.

Utilizing the power of performing arts digital signage throughout your venue, you complete the third prong to increased audience engagement.

Now you can engage with your audience anywhere they are in your venue.

And it all started over 100 years ago! Who knew? Good selling!

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