One of the biggest challenges facing marketing professionals today is trying to find the right medium for their message. Despite the plethora of digital options available, it has fast become clear that these methods just do not have the impact like they used to.

With constant shifts in algorithms, more dependence on sponsored advertising and additional expense to promote social media posts, it becomes increasingly difficult to see a real return on investment. However, one advertising medium that continues to maintain a stronghold is advertising in performing arts program books. Here are just a few reasons why performing arts program book advertising continues to dominate:

1. Credibility

Unlike digital, performing arts program book advertising provides a level of credibility that is hard to beat. These program book ads are curated far more than social media, meaning that audiences immediately know that these businesses are established and credible. Traditional marketing methods still hold weight with audiences when it comes to trust, so this medium ensures that you have all your advertising bases covered for maximum impact.

2. Targeted Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of performing arts program book advertising is that they are ultra-targeted ads to high-net-worth demographics – something extremely difficult to ascertain via digital marketing. You can trust that the right audiences will see your message. There is no one-size-fits-all method for advertising, its success stems from finding and engaging with the right demographic, every time – that can easily be accomplished with advertising in performing arts program books.

3. Reader Interaction

Another disadvantage of digital marketing tends to be user attention span. How can you control the number of people that scroll through your social media posts, completely ignoring the content? However, with performing arts program book advertising, you have a captive audience – every time, because patrons read these program books very closely. That level of reader interaction and attention is difficult to replicate through other advertising methods.

4. Tangibility

In a program book, your advertisement is not just a fleeting moment. You have a chosen medium that audiences treasure and will associate your brand with that memory. Performing arts program books are meant to be held, rolled up, put in a pocket and taken home as a memento

5. Loyalty

Because performing arts patrons are exposed to a small number of ads comparatively, they are going to be far more loyal to the brands they see. Performing arts patrons are very loyal consumers. By establishing credibility and trust, you can tap into this loyal and rare demographic very easily.

6. Disposable Income

Patrons of the arts tend to be affluent, so your performing arts program book ad can reach demographics with higher amounts of disposable income. This is a demographic that will happily spend on the things they love and enjoy (as evidenced by their love for the performing arts) – let your brand be one of them.

7. Branding

No matter what stage of business you are in, you will always look for opportunities for brand exposure, so why should this medium not be one of them? An ad in a performing arts program book is a great way to solidify your brand within in the community and gain more traction.

8. Less Competition with advertisers

Your ad won’t be lost in a sea of ads in performing arts program books because space is limited. You are guaranteed a captive, rare to find demographic where your brand is literally dropped into patron’s laps – so take advantage of the opportunity! Partner this with performing arts digital signage and your brand or business will dominate the venue!

Ultimately, marketing is all about strategic decisions that provide a sustainable, long-term return on investment. While digital advertising has its place in a strategy, it cannot survive by itself. By using a combination of traditional forms of advertising with digital methods, you can have a blended strategy that really ensures maximum brand exposure. Good selling!

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