Potential advertisers for your program book are bombarded every day with telephone calls on the latest and greatest advertising medium for their business. And with digital not going away anytime soon, you need to be able to stand out from this crowd on why a potential advertiser should buy an ad in your printed program book.

As I say time and time again, print advertising is not easy to sell. But with this being said, there are ways to make your program book stand out to a potential advertiser to help make the sale a little easier.

Below are 8 reasons why a program book advertiser prospect should advertise in your printed program book:

1. Credibility

In today’s digital world, any fly by night “company” can advertise on the internet. But you’ll never see these types of businesses advertising in print. There is something about print that gives a business a sense of legitimacy.

2. Target Marketing

Placing an ad in your program book is in effect targeted marketing for the advertiser. As discussed in a previous post (The Most Important Program Book Lesson You’ll Ever Learn, Period) your program book is a niche publication. Therefore, the advertiser can target much more effectively your niche audience that may be more difficult to reach online.

3. Reader Interaction

Your program book will be read, therefore guaranteeing the potential advertiser that their ad will be seen. The audience must read your program book to get a better experience of the performance they are about to see. This cannot necessarily be said of other print mediums.

4. Tangibility

A printed program book is a physical thing. Most importantly, your program book will most likely be held onto as a keepsake of the special night the patron had at your performance, having a “shelf life” in a home or office for months, or even years to come. Meanwhile internet ads can disappear into cyber space immediately.

5. Loyalty

Performing arts patrons are loyal to their local venue, which carries over to the advertisers that they see in their program book—“friends buy from friends.”

6. Disposable Income

Performing arts patrons are typically affluent and recession proof consumers. Much of this disposable income could be spent on the goods and services that are advertised in your program book.

7. Branding

An ad in your printed program book is an excellent way for a local advertiser to solidify their brand within the community. Just make sure you work with the advertiser so that their branding is consistent in their program book ad that you may be designing for them.

8. And Finally, Less Print Ads!

Wait, what? With more and more businesses relying solely on digital for their advertising needs, this opens up a marketing advantage for your potential program book advertiser. The printed program book will be less crowded with their competition, allowing more room for your potential program book advertiser to have their ad stand out even more.

Good selling!

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