Given all of today’s technology, we keep hearing chatter about how print media and advertising is a dying breed, but actually, quite the opposite is true. While many are using free and low-cost options on the internet, especially social media platforms, check out these recent statistics that prove marketing on paper is still a very successful advertising tool:

– 70% of Americans prefer to read on paper and 67% of people prefer printed material over digital advertising

– Printed catalogs and publications provide 163% more profits compared to digital marketing methods

– 80% of paper mail is opened and read while 80% of emails are completely disregarded

Contrary to popular beliefs, print media is far from dead and continues to thrive. For marketers taking advantage of this popular and successful form of advertising, there are methods that are more effective compared to others especially when they’re utilized in performing arts program books. Here are seven ways of using performing arts program books for creating the best marketing opportunities for your business:

1. Include Tech On Paper

While this statement may seem odd at first glance, we’re simply suggesting the importance of including references to your business’ website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, all your online venues and encourage consumers to leave feedback on review sites like Yelp! While the majority of people will use search engines to find a business, including this information lets consumers know you have an online presence.

2. Timing And Association

They say timing is everything and having the right ad in place at the right time is important along with the use of associative content. When advertising in performing arts program books, be sure to find any possible way to tie into the performance in some way. This will connect with readers and resonate with audiences overall. On the other hand, associating an ad with a certain time of year, a particular season or around the holidays is another excellent way to grab attention.

3. Have A Campaign In Place

Before placing an ad inside a performing arts program book, have a campaign already in place to ensure you get the most success out of this placement. Consider tying into digital advertising inside the theater to help connect-the-dots for today’s consumers. It could be a direct request for readers to check out the content that’s been posted inside the program book.

4. Placement Options

Depending on different advertising budgets, consider the many different placement options available in performing arts program books. Whether you’re taking out a full-page ad, sharing space with another advertiser or have a solo spot, these choices may have an impact on how well your ad is received by audiences. According to marketing experts, the back cover is a coveted spot along with right-hand pages where a reader’s eyes naturally land when turning pages.

5. Shared Space

Speaking of sharing, something we all learn in Kindergarten, sharing space and the investment of performing arts program book ad with another business that compliments your brand in some way is a viable option. Think of it this way, if you owned a restaurant and teamed up with the theater to advertise their next venue, you could recommend your eatery as a place to go after the presentation. The same would work for nightclubs, bars and other after-hours hotspots.

6. Offer Value

Nothing grabs a reader’s attention like a freebie, deep discount, two-for-one special or BOGO. Giving readers value grabs their attention and it’s a great incentive for new customers who may not have tried your product or service. It also invites current consumers who are already familiar with your brand to take advantage of this special offer and return as a repeat customer.

7. Utlilize Experts To Help You Place This Unique Form of Marketing

Given all of this advice, it’s a good idea to contact a professional when it comes to implementing these vital campaigns. Like my Dad always said, “If you’re going to do something, do it right.” Good selling!

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