I never was a huge Late Night with David Letterman fan, but I always did enjoy his “countdowns.”

In the spirit of the Letterman countdown, here are 7 reasons to consider performing arts digital signage in your advertising mix starting from number 7 to the number 1 reason.

Reason #7: It’s the “shiny thing” that everyone is looking at in the venue.

Reason #6: Performing arts digital signage advertising is versatile—your advertising can be static or in-motion.

Reason #5: 47% of digital signage viewers recalled seeing an advertisement on the screen*.

Reason #4: 70% of teen and adult U.S. residents have viewed digital signage displays at any measured venue in the past month*.

Reason #3: Digital signage is projected to be an over $27 billion market by 2022**.

Reason #2: Your performing arts digital signage advertising can be updated almost instantly.

And the #1 Reason to consider performing arts digital signage in your advertising mix: 4 out of 5 brands see product sales increases of up to 33% when using digital signage advertising***.

Good selling!


*Arbitron digital place-based video study


***Nielsen study: “Awareness and effectiveness of digital display screens installed.”

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