In previous posts, we have delved into why performing arts digital signage advertising remains a good investment with long-term, successful returns. Not only does it attract a niche, hard-to-reach demographic, but it is also a low-risk method of advertising where there is no risk of a data breach – for you or your customers. 

Besides this, there are plenty more ways that performing arts digital signage advertising can be the best marketing decision you will make – here are just a few:

1. Targeted and direct – every time

Deliver the right message at the right time to your potential customers. Rather than battling for mere seconds of their attention with boosted Facebook posts, performing arts digital signage advertising allows you to get to the heart of the matter. Great advertising rests on its ability to find the right audience and allow for direct engagement. Performing arts digital signage advertising offers both, making it a good option.

2. Massive growth potential

Digital signage is estimated to grow to a $14.87B market by 2020.

Think about that figure for a second. The potential for growth in digital signage is frankly astounding, so why not get ahead of the curve now? Some might wait till 2020 before realizing its potential, but the ones who capitalize early on in these trends are the ones that see long-term success.

While some trends come and go, performing arts digital signage advertising has a clear impact that continues to grow. It attracts a growing niche audience that is hard to find otherwise, and that demographic is poised to grow even further.

3. Instantaneous updates

With performing arts digital signage advertising, you can update your content almost instantly. You might not always have time, but updates are quick, fast, and easy to do.

Targeted, direct messaging that is instantaneous is a difficult combination to find elsewhere but performing arts digital signage advertising delivers. No need to deal with messy algorithms or shifting digital marketing tides, this form of advertising actually delivers on its instant quality.

4. Seamless social media integration

Integrate your social media channels into your performing arts digital signage advertising with ease. A multi-pronged advertising approach is needed now, especially to gain meaningful attention.

Performing arts digital signage advertising allows you to blend your social media marketing with more traditional methods to create an unbeatable combination. Think of it as a one-two punch to really get consumer attention.

5. Bold CTAs for a strong brand

Take your call-to-actions to a whole new level with performing arts digital signage advertising. In our tenure, we have seen firsthand experience on how effective these bold CTAs are for brands of all sizes – and how these brands have benefited from this investment.

With that kind of impact, any business can look HUGE when you run commercial-like ads on performing arts digital signage. It allows you to use quality content in a more creative and engaging way that gets consumers attention right from the start.

6. Comprehensive brand advertising

In an earlier point, we discussed the importance of a multi-pronged approach. Think of social media marketing as one component of your brand advertising – but it cannot be the only piece. If you combine that with more traditional forms of marketing such as print, that can really create a comprehensive brand advertising strategy.

For example, if you tie your printed program book advertising into your performing arts digital signage advertising message, your marketing campaign can dominate the venue!

Ultimately, advertising might seem complex but there are nuances to it that can make it somewhat easier to navigate. If you are looking for a low-risk, high-impact method to get your message out there and promote your brand, then performing arts digital signage advertising is the right choice for your business. Good selling!

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