It’s no secret. Getting butts in seats is more difficult than ever! Your patrons are being approached by every performing arts venue in town.

So how do you stand out?

Digital signage in performing arts venues is becoming ever more popular. And when used correctly, you could have an edge over the competition.

If your performing arts venue is not incorporating digital signage into your patron’s experience, you could be missing a key marketing piece to keep them coming back.

More Than Just Wayfinding

Gone are the days where digital signage is just used for wayfinding (i.e. helping a patron find the nearest bathroom.) Today, a robust playlist with striking images and videos can be created to keep your patron’s awareness piqued.

When used correctly, digital signage is a powerful marketing tool for upcoming performances, ticket packages, and yes, even to promote concession specials during intermission.

Patron Engagement

Like it or not, your patrons have their smartphones with them at your venue. Why not embrace this and start engaging your patrons during intermission via these devices? Digital signage can integrate with these smaller screens that are in every one of your patrons’ pockets.

From offering your patrons live feeds of their photos from the evening, to comments about the performance on social media, providing it on bright digital signage in your lobby during intermission keeps the conversation going.

Not only are you engaging your patrons like never before, but now they become part of your marketing army when they share their experience with their friends on their social channels.

Creating a Digital, Visual Experience for Patrons

Digital signage can transform spaces throughout your venue into a whole new experience for your patrons, as well as become a revenue generator for the venue itself.

Are concession sales not where you would like them to be during intermission? Why not create a commercial that offers a special?

Need to draw attention to another part of your venue? The proper content on digital signage can accomplish this.

Visual Art

We get it—creating eye popping content for your digital signage is hard. But you can easily have your mind take a break by thinking a bit outside the box.

Local artists are always trying to get their art displayed. Think about collaborating with local artists to display their art on your digital signage, in exchange for donating a portion of any sales they may make from their new marketing avenue.

This is a win-win-win-win. A win for the local artist getting more exposure, a win for the marketing person always having to have great content on hand, a win for the patron to see new and exciting local art, and a win for the organization with another possible avenue for donations.

Taking Your Donors to a Whole New Level

Wouldn’t it be great to personally thank all your large donors every performance and in front of every patron? With digital signage, this is entirely possible. When done tactfully and creatively, you will make your large donors want to give even more!

The sky is the limit with digital signage. The trick is creating the right content at the right time. Good selling!

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