When it comes to marketing, every penny counts. After all, there is intense competition in the digital and traditional marketing space, and as budgets shrink, everyone is looking for that one lucky technique that will get their brand the exposure they want.

But how does a brand accomplish this in a narrow, competitive landscape? Is there really one magic way that audiences will sit up, and take notice of your brand? How can you ensure that they will not just scroll past your content and keep on ignoring you?

Can we let you in on a little secret? There are actually four ways you can make your advertising buy count…and make sure everyone who looks at your ad is really paying attention in one simple, affordable package.

1) Printed Program Books

In our previous posts, we have delved a lot into printed performing arts program books and their success rates. Not only do they attract a captive, loyal, and affluent demographic but these printed program books have a pull that digital marketing has difficulty competing with.

Printed performing arts program books not only hold a sentimental value for patrons of the arts, which means they pay more attention to them and end up keeping them after the performance but, they also give your business attention. In this new attention economy, that is the currency that stays.

Businesses that are able to tap into this market can hold consumer interest for a lot longer, which is one of the key ways to drive long-term success for overall advertising.

2) Venue Digital Signage

A well-placed ad in a performing arts program book, combined with performing arts digital signage is a clear one-two punch that makes a formidable advertising combination. It is a fast, immediate way to get a brand targeted and direct attention while ensuring maximum visibility.

Our previous posts can shed more insight on why performing arts digital signage is always a good idea, but the idea behind it is to combine the immediacy of digital signage ads with a more personal touch. It gives that same instantaneous result but feels a lot more personalized, which means patrons pay more attention, creating a win-win situation.

3) Geo-fenced advertising

The other key part of making performing arts advertising count is tapping into the local market and using some digital tools to your advantage. But finding ways to tap into a local market known for their loyalty to the brands you present, and keep the momentum going is often difficult. In order to mitigate that challenge and ensure you have a loyal, local audience, why not consider geo-fenced advertising?

This is a hyper-focused way to attract audiences that are able to give brands attention, are looking for new experiences and are happy to seek out and support businesses they love. With performing arts geo-fenced advertising, you can become easier to find, and gives you more targeted options you can pursue.

4) Mobile push notifications

Speaking of digital tools, the fourth way to make your national performing arts advertising dollars go the extra mile is with push notifications to patron’s mobile phones. Using this method allows you to leverage the exposure you have gotten from printed program books, digital signage, geo-fencing, and create a lasting impression on audiences.

Rather than sticking to solely traditional or digital methods, mobile push notifications end up being the best of both worlds. It ensures you have lasting exposure with patrons who want to see different brands and find new businesses, while also keeping you ahead of the trend in terms of marketing tools.

Ultimately, combining these four methods can make your national performing arts advertising buy count. In one price, you get multiple ways to uniquely find and target audiences in a laser-focused way.

The performing arts provide access to a niche, difficult to find demographic, and using these four methods is a great way to build a foundation of trust with patrons who are more than happy to support the businesses they love. This makes it the perfect advertising spend, and allows you to stretch every dollar for maximum exposure – and that is hard to find elsewhere. Good selling!

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