So we had a venue looking to apply for a grant, and one of the questions on that grant application was how many folks had visited one of the local restaurants near the venue? So to do that, they had collected about 2100 text messages or phone numbers, or to be more precise from patrons that had gone to a few shows in the time frame that they were looking for. They then were able to send a specific text message to those patrons 2100 patrons to ask them one simple question which was this

“Please help us by replying with your answer to this one question survey. Did you patronize a local restaurant as part of your visit to the Barter Theatre – Yes or No? Thank you!”

So far, this has gathered over 790 responses. They will then use those responses to finish up that last question on that grant application. But it’s just another cool way that the audience access and those phone numbers can help an organization not just sell more tickets and provide patrons with the experiences that they expect, but to also help the organization receive grant applications by getting surveys completed more quickly!

Now they could have sent more questions, but in this case, they only needed the one question answered. But you could make a survey monkey questionnaire if there are more questions that need to get answered, but it just shows that the patrons are excited about the arts and that they’re willing to take a little time to help the arts out when they know that the arts need help.

So texting is a great way to get that done. I hope this helps you.

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