Advertising is all about reaching the right demographic. You might have a buyer persona in mind, and you know you want to reach an audience that is both local and upscale…but how do you accomplish that? A billboard or an ad in the local newspaper is not really going to cut it.

You could do a social media blitz, but good luck trying to get those mysterious algorithms to target your audience. Ultimately, you want to spend your money in a way that gets you the right return on investment and targets exactly the kind of audience you need. Here are three ways you can make this happen:

1. Performing Arts Digital Signage

The first step in reaching an upscale, hyper-local audience? Get your message in front of the right people, at the right time. Performing arts audiences are known for their loyalty, and for their attention. And at the end of the day, attention is the currency of advertising. You have spent time developing a marketing strategy, so you want to give it the right attention.

Performing arts digital signage advertising accomplishes this. It gives you a medium for general brand exposure, while also allowing audiences a more personal level of engagement. It gets you brand recognition in a fast, functional way, without having to resort to more expensive digital methods.

In an earlier post, we discussed the sheer power of performing arts digital signage. Did you know that by 2020, digital signage is estimated to grow to a $14.87B market? That is a massive number, so why not start early and beat the competition? With bold CTAs and streamlined social media integration, performing arts digital signage provides the best of both worlds. Here are some other articles of ours, here and here, that showcase why performing arts digital signage is such a great option.

2. Performing Arts Program Book Advertising

Okay, so you have the digital signage now and gotten some good, general brand exposure. Now how do you leverage that? With a social media blitz? Or maybe some other marketing materials? The truth is, to target an upscale, hyper-local audience, you don’t actually need those. What you do need, is a solid performing arts program book advertising strategy for brand reinforcement.

The performing arts attracts a demographic that is widely coveted, and famously hard to reach. Consider the following statistics from a previous article:

  • 83% of people that regularly attend the performing arts say that their primary value is loyalty and devotion.
  • Individuals who identify as upper-class are far more likely to attend performing arts events.

An upscale audience that is loyal? This is where you find that. And reaching them through performing arts program books is the best way to do so. It builds an intimate connection with your brand and gives you a chance to highlight that you know exactly what this audience wants and are willing to deliver. Don’t believe us? Here’s some further reading on performing arts audiences that shows you why this is a demographic you must tap into.

3. Performing Arts Geofencing

Last but by no means least, geofencing is the newest form of digital advertising that reaches the local audience you want. No crazy algorithms, or trying to sort out ad spends for local media. We’ve discussed it in a previous post, but essentially this method allows you to show ads to those who cross a digital fence of sorts – i.e. they are in a venue, or in a location that has been designated beforehand. As soon as they are in the venue, they will start seeing targeted advertising that is relevant to the area.

Performing arts geofencing is a cost-effective, proven way to reach a hyper-local audience. Geofenced ads around performing arts venues helps you zero in on location, and ensure that your message is getting the right traction. Rather than play guesswork, this is a method that allows for accuracy and focus as we discuss in another article. It fits well within a digital strategy and provides the best of both worlds.

This trifecta is the most effective way to reach the local audience you desire, and ensure that your message is getting the right exposure. A strategy based on advertising to a performing arts audience with these complementary elements is a great way to reach a hyper-targeted audience and see a true return on investment. Good selling!

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