One of the big promises of digital advertising has been its hype surrounding targeted advertising. With an immense amount of tools and data, digital marketing purports to find you exactly the audience you want every time.

However, the reality of it is that finding these audiences is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only are social media platforms increasingly saturated with content, there is no integration between any of these tools. Ultimately, marketers are left trying to push through algorithm changes and updates for a few seconds of attention that users might give as they scroll through their newsfeeds.

The best way to combat that? Find an advertising solution that lets different approaches work together to form a cohesive marketing strategy that can really propel brands to the next level. Combining a three-pronged approach can help accomplish this — here’s how:

1) Performing Arts Program Book Advertising

The first step is to establish a performing arts program book advertising campaign. This helps you break into more traditional marketing methods such as print, which still has a hold over audiences. Though people might tell you print is dead…think again! Print can be a compelling, interesting way to reach out to audiences and create a relationship that is not based on data and analytics. Instead, it relies on good, old-fashioned attention to really get its point across, which is why it is so successful.

Performing arts program book advertising allows you to make a more personal impression, that is still hyper-targeted. Patrons of performing arts actually read the program book itself, and they pay close attention to the ads. Can you say the same for your social media followers? Performing arts program book advertising allows you to tap into a niche demographic without being too invasive while still giving you access to a far more targeted audience.

2) Performing Arts Digital Signage

The next step is to introduce more of a digital element to your marketing to balance the traditional print side. This is a form of advertising that is fast, easy, and integrates well with the other methods. Bold CTAs, combined with targeted advertising, create a potent combination that can really boost engagement.

Most digital marketing methods are not able to hyper-focus and provide engagement but performing arts digital signage can do that. Audiences can get familiar with your brand in a different way, while still getting similar levels of exposure throughout different advertising approaches. Performing arts digital signage allows you to hyper-target, but still retain a level of trust with audiences. It brings together the exposure from geo-fenced advertising and performing arts program book advertisements to create a seamlessly integrated advertising strategy.

3) Performing Arts Geo-fenced Advertising

Hyper-targeted advertising is highly reliant on methods such as geo-fenced advertising. As the final prong in performing arts advertising, it brings a higher level of personalization to augment the results that venue digital signage and performing arts program book ads bring to the table.

Geo-fenced advertising is about showing ads to those who cross a digital fence of sorts – i.e. they are in a venue, or in a location that has been designated beforehand. As soon as they are in the venue, they will start seeing targeted advertising that is relevant to the area. Geo-targeted zone establishment can help you connect with the niche demographics performing arts attract on a more granular level, and really drive your brand’s engagement overall in a local setting.

Using these three methods allows you to create a hyper-focused advertising strategy that will drive success in the long-term and the short-term. You can use a multi-pronged approach as an initial step, and continually tweak as you see engagement grow. It will help you understand where best to allocate advertising dollars and is one of the few ways you can see direct impact and return on investment. Good selling!

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